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Hi guys! Havent been here in awhile.. Like literally didnt post anything for 7 months. Well anyways nothing really interesting happened in my life, just fam,school,work. I have to say I was really in my low point in my life from September-October, the things that i’ve looked down upon, i am now doing… smh. Its not anything that stupid (drugs, excessive alcohol) but i’m just highly disappointed in myself tbh. I am working on myself and hopefully not fuck up in the long run, and i thought i lost myself again those last two months but i caught myself and reality hit me in the face real hard.  

I also quit twitter! After 30k tweets and having it for 5 years, i think imma call it quits for awhile? And who knows i might just come back? haha. Well maybe imma quit that twitter, and probably just make a private one that nobody knows about so i can vent my feelings and what not. I know that sounded so homosexual but hey having a twitter is healthy! LOL. 

Last but not least, as the year draws to a close, it has been 2 years since i had a serious relationship, and man the feeling sucks, i havent really tried hollering at anyone but when i do i try to aim big and get shoot down like 99 percent of the time. When i shoot low, i end up realizing this girl is not my type… It’s like a lose-lose situation for me in this category, hopefully God up there can make something happen with my whack ass but for now all i can do is hope for the best and wish that a beautiful, caring, basketball loving woman can just be like “tada im here.” Ahh i know its cliche, corny, idc a lil homie can dream right? 

Hopefully my upcoming LA trip can ease some tension and stress. I am about to graduate college in December too! *Crosses Fingers* haha. 




James Harden - Fear the Beard

one of my favorite players!


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Havent been on in awhile…

Hey tumblr… ive been MIA for awhile.. About to graduate college and all, ive been hella busy! Seems like i dont have anytime for any social networking besides twitter and instagram! Its not like people read my blog anyways.. but yeah.. i’ve been just doing my own thing: work, school, gym, sleep…. No time for friends.. :( Aww well… Friends who care will call, and some who dont, i guess just wont…

And i swear, i realized every time i blog i just rant about how women are so mean… self centered, unfair and think that every guy is the same… Well now instead of blogging about my problems with the opposite sex, i just keep a positive mind, try and gain this Olympic body, get this degree and get this good paying job. I wonder how many women that dissed me would come and try to talk to me…  One day.. That’ll be the day… lol.

Imma conclude this post with a question,

Why do women have the audacity to disrespect a man that’s just trying to speak to them?

Queen status…

Queen status…

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Ohhhhhhhh my godddddddd I watched this video like 30 times and laughed the same every time. I’m laughing my ass off and got tears down my face as I type this.

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What I’ll be doing on Doomsday tomorrow


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